Benefits of listing with Bike 20/20

Bike 20/20 is committed to bringing the consumer great deals on bikes and to drive sales to the local retailer.

  • is the most cost effective way to sell your closeout / overstock bikes. Bike 20/20 listings start as low as $0.99 each (Junior Plan). Our "Elite" plan can drop the price to pennies each.
  • No additional fees with Bike20/20 ever whatsoever. Your selected plan covers 100% of your costs. (Opposed to 14% – 16% of sale price plus monthly fees on other sites such as eBay or Amazon or commission fees associated with other sites)
  • No time limit on your listings — List your unsold stock for as long as you have an active plan.
  • Bike 20/20 is committed to the brick and mortar dealer model. We drive customers to your store so you have the ability for add on sales and to build a direct relationship with your customer for future business.
  • A huge reduction in product returns compared to other sites that require you to ship. With Bike 20/20 the customer comes into your store where they get to see the bike in person knowing exactly what they’re buying avoiding any "surprise" scratches or paint chips that occur when bikes are shipped. The customer also is assured the bike is the correct size for them.
  • Avoid any of your vendors shipping restrictions by directing sales to your store.